Natureland Coconut Sugar 250 G

Dhs. 23

While coconut sugar has been touted as being a health food, one might argue that coconut sugar is the same as regular table sugar, but the truth is it is not; coconut sugar can be considered superior to table sugar because of 3 main factors:

  1. Because coconut sugar comes directly from dehydrating coconut sap, it is pure and unrefined
  2. Albeit in small amounts, coconut sugar contains more nutrients, healthy fats and fiber than table sugar; and 
  3. Coconut sugar is made up of only 75% sucrose compared to  100% found in table sugar

 Coconut sugar, also known as coconut palm sugar, contains more trace nutrients than regular table sugar. Most notable are the content of zinc, iron, potassium and calcium along with the polyphenols, antioxidants and short-chain fatty acids from the coconut plant. One of the best kept secrets about coconut sugar is that it contains the prebiotic fiber called inulin; this helps to reduce the blood sugar spiking effect of the sugar, lowering its glycaemic index when compared to table sugar. Coconut sugar may have a GI as low as 35, while table sugar has a GI of upwards of 65. When compared to the GI of the sugar found in most fruits, which is 25, coconut sugar is far more blood sugar friendly than table sugar. 

Coconut sugar is yet another trusted coconut product from a brand you already know to supply superior coconut products such as our clean and tasty coconut oil. Like with our Natureland coconut oil, rest assured that you’ll get the same quality product and great taste from using this coconut sugar in your drinks, desserts and any recipes that need just a touch of sweetness without all of the risks of using refined sugars. 

If you like clear, original tasting tea, this sugar may not be the best fit - instead, we recommend our acacia honey, which works wonderfully in tea.

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