Beauty Face


Dhs. 16

Intelligent Skin Therapy mask is a concentrated cocktail of extremely active ingredients of natural origin, in the form of fully soaked fruit textile shape, specially prepared for middle aged & mature skin in need of improving elasticity & firming. Thanks to innovative composition based on high concentration of one main ingredient – vitamin E & perfectly matched other, improves the elasticity & firmness of texture of skin & slows down the formation of wrinkles, preventing skin aging. Mask immediately regenerates & improves the condition of the skin, eliminates spots, improves bright tone & skin hydration. Skin becomes visible rejuvenated, regenerated, more elastic & firm. New technology of deeply soaked organic plant fabric, guarantees several times higher absorption than other fabrics. High concentration of active ingredients provides a visible effect after the first application. Shape acts as a filter that helps transporting substances into the deeper layers of the skin & prevents evaporation.

How to use: thoroughly clean the face. Open the package and put on face masks wet sheet, so as to perfectly adhere. Keep about 15-30 minutes or until full absorbing the serum from shape by skin. Remove mask and gently wash your face using fresh clean water.

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