Beauty Face


Dhs. 16

Intelligent Skin Therapy mask is extremely concentrated cocktail of active ingredients of natural origin, in the form of finely-soaked cotton shape. Thanks to optimal composition including milk, hydrolized milk and wheat protein and as well amino acids strongly nourishes, regenerates and restores the lipid layer, restoring proper hydration and softness. Mask also contains extremely valuable cherry extract responsible for firmness and elasticity of the skin as well as an extract of wild chestnut sealing and strengthening the walls of blood vessels. After use, skin is visibly enhanced, revitalized, more soft and delicate. The face becomes younger and radiant. The unique formula of mask in the form of high-quality fabric, soaked in serum with a high concentration of active ingredients provides a visible effect after the first application. The particle size of active substances is adapted to the structure of skin tissue, providing excellent absorption and assimilation. Shape acts as a filter that helps transport substances into the deeper layers of the skin and prevents evaporation.

How to use: thoroughly clean the face. Open the package and put on face masks wet sheet, so as to perfectly adhere. Keep about 15-30 minutes or until full absorbing the serum from shape by skin. Remove mask and gently wash your face using fresh clean water.

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