HERBAL CARE Argan oil regenerating cream day/night 50ML

Dhs. 55

Nourishing and regenerating day and night cream improves firmness and elasticity The cream contains mild, natural and active ingredients which ensure high levels of care, while improving the condition and appearance of the skin. A specially developed rich formula supplementing the deficits of nourishing substances, improving firmness and elasticity and preventing premature skin aging. The ease of application is enhanced by the delicate consistency and pleasant fragrance.   

 Active ingredients: Argan oil, Olive leaf extract, Ceramides, The complex of vitamins A, E and F, Shea butter, Inutec. Spectacular effects: well nourished, firm and elastic skin, no feeling of dryness or contraction, silky smooth and pleasant to the touch, efficiently protected from the harmful effects of external factors and ageing.

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