Th!nkgreen Wild Yellow Fin Tuna In Organic Greek Herbs

Dhs. 25.75

th!nkgreen’s selected yellowfin tuna is from the fine albacares variety with a yellowish fin and pale pink in color famed for its delicious tender flavor. Caught in the Atlantic and/or the Indian Ocean, it is compliant with the Dolphin Safe Treaty, where sustainable fishing is observed. Organic anemones from the distillation of Greek aromatic herbs, beeswax, oregano, laurel, and sage all embrace the pale pink color and compact texture of the selected yellow pepper of tuna, giving it the delicate aroma and refined taste of sun-drenched herbs of Greece. The combination of rich tuna with 5 different aromatic plants gives us a unique taste experience.

Special features of th!nkgreen tuna with organic flavored water:

  • Albacares variety of yellowfin tuna renowned for its quality worldwide
  • Compliant with the Dolphin safe treaty
  • Tuna water is used
  • A soft, very pleasant aroma
  • Provides a delicate balanced aromatic taste of fish
  • High antioxidant properties
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • A global first.

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