PLASTFREE Night Pads 10 Pads

Dhs. 20

The Plastfree Night pad has been designed  with a longer length and double winged, to ensure you attach the pad safely to the underwear not only in the middle but also at the end. This prevents the shifting of the pad whilst sleeping and turning over. Its length will ensure no leakage and its absorption rate at 350ml is the best in the market!

Some girls and women who bleed excessively and sometimes experience discharge of blood clots may choose to wear our Night pads during daytime as well depending on the blood flow. Those who bleed unusually high may also explore our Maternity maxi pads for extra protection at night.

Please change every 3-4 hours when full to avoid any bacterial formation. Our Night pads are best to contain medium to heavy flow and give you peace of mind while sleeping. Made to fit all body sizes.

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