Phutawan Cocomate

Phutawan Cocomate Natural Premium Toothpaste

Dhs. 40

Different toothpaste by blending organic coconut oil. That has properties to help reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity

  • Activated Charcoal helps absorb impurities and combines Hydrated Silica values ​​to help whiten teeth. Reduce the accumulation of plaque, tea, coffee
  • Nano HAP helps enamel strength. Prevent damage from acids Effectively reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Chlorophyll and Vitamin C help restore the symptoms of receding gums. Reduce symptoms of scurvy With the power of 10 kinds of herbs to help reduce bad breath Restore fresh breath.
  • Inhibit bacteria
  • Help keep teeth white Deep cleansing of teeth and gums
  • Helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • Free from chemical residue

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