Natureland Rooibos Cacao Tea 30 G

Dhs. 32

Meticulously Sourced and Blended by Our Master Tea Blender and Medical Herbalist


Natureland brings you 100% organic, fresh teas from select premium plantations. Smell the aroma, relish the flavor, and refresh yourself like never before.


How to Make Your Tea

Each blend of Natureland Tea Bags comes with simple brewing instructions that include water temperatures and infusion times. Follow these instructions to prepare the better cup of tea every time.


Is Your Tea Truly Organic?

Conventional teas and even some sold as ‘organic’ contain multiple pesticides, heavy metal residues, and fluoride. A study published in 2013 in the Journal of Toxicology claimed that 70% of the teas they tested contained very high levels of toxic metals. Many teas also contain synthetic flavorings dubbed as “natural flavors”. Natureland Teas are 100% organic and contain no added flavors.


  • Natureland teas contain no artificial or added ‘natural’ flavorings
  • Expertly sourced from certified organic plantations
  • No chemical pesticides or fertilizers used at any stage of cultivation
  • Hand-picked teas cultivated and harvested using traditional methods


“A cup of tea would restore my normality."

[Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Screenplay]”
― Douglas Adams


What’s in Your Tea Bag?

According to Science Alert, a single plastic teabag releases billions of microplastics into a single cup. Paper tea bagscontain Epichlorohydrin, a potential carcinogen as per European and US health standards. Tealeaf dust and fannings in ordinary tea bags oxidize faster, losing the antioxidants and causing the tea to taste bitter. Natureland tea bags are special.


  • Made from corn starch (PLA) — completely safe and fully biodegradable
  • Course-cut and whole leaves for a richer flavor, color and aroma; and a higher antioxidant count
  • Each pyramid tea bag is good for two infusions—that’s 2 better cups of tea!
  • Blended by our master tea blender and herbalist for a beautiful balanced experience


“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”
― William Ewart Gladstone


What Makes Natureland Teas So Much Better?

Better Sourcing

We are not bound by region or plantation. Each tea is selected for quality from select premium plantations and blended for a beautiful balanced experience. We are free to select only the best and blend it in the right balance as directed by our medical herbalist and master tea blender. This means a cup of Natureland Tea brings more satisfaction, calm and focus in a more healthful way.

Better Health

Coarse-cut and whole tealeaves pack more antioxidants and deliver better health benefits. Some herbs (such as peppermint) support the digestive process, reduce bloating (fennel), balance blood sugar levels (cinnamon) and soothe the digestive lining (licorice). The herbs and spices included in our blended concoctions help improve peripheral circulation, enhance cell health, decelerate aging, and detoxify the body.

Better Experience

Smell and taste experiences have a very strong impact on our current emotional state. The aroma and flavor of tea can evoke pleasant subconscious memories, making us feel relaxed and in control. As teas primarily relate to the senses of smell and taste, we try to create harmonious and "feel good" blends that are well balanced and smooth.

Better Packaging

You deserve a better cup of tea, so we pack our premium teas in airtight cylinders, beautifully printed to add color and style to your home. Smell the authentic freshness preserved by large and coarse cut tealeaves sealed in hard containers. Each pyramid teabag is good for two infusions—that’s two cups of healthful and rejuvenating beverages.



What Tea Lovers are Saying about Natureland Teas:

Natureland teas have made it easy for me to start drinking flavorful balanced teas. I love the way they look in our home, and whenever we have guests, they can choose the flavor they want, and it is so easy to get a loose tea experience by simply dropping a tea bag.

—Waleed Al-Essa


I tried the Genmaicha Green Tea, and it was the same taste I had once tried and loved. Beautiful looking teas. When asked what they would be worth, I was shy to say 4KD thinking that they would be more expensive. Actually, I think the price is quite reasonable. Especially in these beautiful sturdy containers.

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