Natureland Barley Grass Powder 22 G

Dhs. 22

For centuries, barley grass has been a go-to ingredient in many culinary dishes. But it’s not just the flavour and texture that are sought after when it comes to barley grass… it packs a punch in the nutrition world, too.

Barley grass is common at juice bars and wellness centers; you’ll often have a barley grass shot or juice as a means to benefit from some of the health-promoting properties it contains.

3 major ways that barley grass can promote health are:

  • Enhancing blood sugar regulation
  • Supporting heart health by improving cholesterol control
  • Promoting weight management through curbing cravings and reducing appetite

Now, the benefits of fresh juice is that it contains living enzymes and is in its natural state - it means, you’re getting all of natures goodness in each serving.

Powder, however, has its own advantages - and, each person may choose the one that suits their lifestyle best.

Powder is far more convenient and, of course, requires no juicing or access to fresh ingredients. It’s an on-the-go way to stay healthy. The powder still contains all of the fiber, but is also more concentrated - and, therefore, can be far more powerful regarding certain benefits.

We’ve harnessed those powers by doing something slightly differently. We harvest the young plants when they are just 10-15cm tall and at their most nutrient dense. Then, we gently dry them and turn them into a health-boosting and easy-to-use powder.  

Just add one tablespoon to your favorite smoothie or green juice once a day.

If you’re taking medications or have a health condition, speak to your doctor about including barley grass. If you have a gluten sensitivity or have celiac disease, because barley contains gluten, it’s best to avoid.

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