Dhs. 91

This face mask detoxifies the skin thanks to the organic charcoal recognized to be ideal against imperfections. This charcoal absorbs sebum excess from oily skin but also dead cell sand pollution without drying the skin. Amla’s charcoal is reputed to be a good cleaner as well as an astringent, antioxidant, purifying and it illuminates all skin types.

The organic bay laurel oil is really appreciated for its efficiency on skin problems and for its soothing properties.

This charcoal face mask does not dry out the skin thanks to the white clay (also called kaolin), purifying and restorative especially for dry and sensitive skins.

The presence of organic German chamomilla floral water makes it a soothing skincare. The add of organic glycerin gives to this face mask, moisturizing properties for a glowing complexion.

The organic olive oil is known for its moisturizing and emollient attributes to which we add tapioca for a soften effect.

Thanks to NAJEL’s detox charcoal face mask, the skin texture is refined, and the skin is visibly healthier.

Splendid radiant skin guaranteed!

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