Dhs. 56

Discover genuine Aleppo Soap in liquid form combined with the soothing and calming properties of organic chamomile flower water. Its calming properties are renowned both when used in external application (to soothe irritations) and when taken orally (as a herbal tea). It is very gentle and so is suitable for children.

When used in hair care, chamomile helps keep hair fair or gives it a golden tint.

The use of precious oils, with nourishing and soothing properties, makes this Aleppo Liquid Soap a care treatment in the hygiene of all skin types. It leaves skin soft and thoroughly, yet gently, cleansed.

Enhanced with a natural honey fragrance, it will leave your skin lightly scented with its sweet perfume.

Ideal for the shower, it is intended for daily use to wash face, hands, body and hair.

Good to know: Aleppo Soap is made exclusively from plant oils. It only lathers a little as no synthetic agent has been added by Najel. This is also the case for our shampoos. In no respect does this mean they do not wash.

Handy to use with its pump bottle, this amber bottle protects its content from light. In rPET, this bottle is 100% made from recycled plastic and 100% recyclable.

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