Manuka Doctor

Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey MultiFloral 60+ MGO 25G

Dhs. 123

EVERYDAY WELLBEING: USES & BENEFITS - Manuka is nature’s superfood: a spoonful of everyday natural goodness. Great for a natural boost to your daily energy. Manuka Doctor Manuka honey is supercharged functional nutrition. Add to your tea, breakfast muesli or oatmeal. Include in your smoothie & acai bowl, or drizzle it over yoghurt, waffles & toast for added nourishment to get the most out of your everyday.

YOUR MANUKA EXPERT - Manuka Doctor’s genuine New Zealand Manuka honey is proven quality & purity. Our 50 million bees are buzzing to support your natural wellbeing everyday.

SUSTAINABLY SOURCED - Our beekeepers ensure our bees wellbeing year-round. We have a Manuka planting program to future proof authentic Manuka honey long term supply.

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